WordPress Membership Site Plugins-Not Just For Bloggers

There is no doubt that WordPress (also known as WP) is now one of the most widely used website platforms being used today. One way a lot of website owners use it is to run membership sites. That makes a lot of sense because membership sites are a business model known to bring in a lot of revenue. If this idea interests you, then getting some WordPress membership site plugins is a must.

A lot of people are under the misguided idea that WP should only be used for blogging, or maybe a content site. The truth of the matter is that WordPress can do a whole lot more. With all of the themes and plugins available and programmers who understand the platform, WP offers more than enough flexibility for the vast majority of webmasters.

Choosing the right WordPress membership site plugins could make all the difference between failure and success. Here are some things to consider before installing any plugins.

1. Type of membership – Do you plan on only offering one basic level of membership, at one price for the life of your site? Or do you want to have the ability to handle multiple membership levels and offer specials so you can make even more money? Will members pay on a monthly basis, or only once? All of these things will play a part in deciding which plugins are best for you.

2. RSS – If you have an RSS feed, then you need to be able to encrypt information that’s intended for members only. Otherwise, anybody who comes to your site could potentially view your paid content for free. That could add up to a huge loss of income, so getting a plugin to encrypt your feeds makes a lot of sense.

3. Teasers – This type of plugin takes the first few lines of your post (some allow you to set how many) and puts it up for all to see. Then, if somebody wants to read more, they click a link to do so. Normally, this would simply take readers to the full post, but you can first divert them to sign up for a membership before they read the rest. That’s one example of what WordPress membership site plugins can do.

4. Delivery control – Some memberships give out new content every month, but only want new members to view the current month’s content. Or, they may want all members to start with the same content and have it delivered in order; regardless of when they joined. The idea behind this is that long-time members should be the ones with access to the most content. Plus, if new members could see all of the content at once, they could spend one day accessing all of it and then cancel their subscription right away.

5. Collecting payments – There are several WordPress membership site plugins that make it easy for you to collect membership dues from people. That’s important if you plan on making a serious income.